Climate protection – not just in oil and energy consumption – natureplus-certified products even save energy during production

If we want to prevent global warming from affecting our climate, we must drastically reduce our consumption of oil, gas and conventionally produced electricity. Today, so much energy is consumed in the manufacturing process for a new house that it could be heated for 25 years with the same amount. As we are convinced that a good building material can only be produced through a clean manufacturing process, we strictly inspect these processes. By using an LCA for every certified product that is based upon target values, natureplus ensures that it has been produced at an above average level of energy efficiency.

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23.02.2010 Leitfaden für Öko-Werbung

Die Internationale Handelskammer hat ein globales Rahmenwerk für umweltbezogene Kommunikation veröffentlicht.[more]

Category: Bauszene

23.02.2010 WKI-Symposium zu Emissionen aus Baustoffen

Ein hochkarätig besetztes internationales Symposium am 16./17. März in Hannover, veranstaltet vom WKI Braunschweig befasst sich mit Schadstoffen im Innenraum.[more]

Category: Termine
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