natureplus stimulates the market for sustainable products

It is proven that greater attention is paid to sustainable products bearing the natureplus® eco-label. To this end we have developed a number of instruments to show how practical natureplus certified products are. These are directed in particular at building professionals.

Product database

On the internet page you will not only find a list of all the natureplus certified products but also a detailed description of the areas of application for the products, their technical and structural properties and the most important results of the natureplus assessments. In addition, this database can readily be used by architects and planners in other databases and calculation programmes. »Products

Tendering process texts

In order to encourage, in particular, Public procurement bodies to demand in their tenders the fulfilment of sustainability criteria natureplus has produced texts as aids for the writing of tenders. These are available under free of charge. They contain detailed lists of the individual sustainability requirements relevant to a number of product groups for interior-room products and which have been derived from European environmental labels such as natureplus, the Blue Angel, Emicode and others. As a type modular system the individual text blocks can be included in the tendering texts and used, for example, in the preliminary comments section of the list of specifications either as part of the contract or in the technical specifications. »Sustainable Procurement Tendering Texts

Advice and training

If your sales personnel wish to know how they can use the natureplus® eco-label to promote sales, advice and training is available from natureplus. We also support investors and communal organisations/local authorities in the application of the natureplus texts for tenders.

Marketing services

Our website is accessed daily by 1,500 users, around 10,000 building professional have subscribed to our specialist information service, in the German-speaking countries we annually reach 30-40 million people via our Press releases. All these instruments are available to our customers. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.  

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