Association structure

The natureplus Association is organised via the organs of the Membership Assembly, the Executive Committee as well as various commissions and committees. A general manager, who is instated by the executive committee, is responsible for the management of the Association.

The Association currently has 80 members (January 2018) from the 8 sectors: Environmental organisations, trades unions, consumer- and health protection organisations, research, scientific and test/assessment institutes, building product manufacturers, building product merchants, the construction and housing industries and private individuals. The members exercise their functions within the Membership Assembly and are responsible for electing an eight member Executive Committee, with equal representation from the various member groups.

The headquarters, and therefore the Management of the Association, is located in Germany. Contact-Points exist in other European countries (currently 8). Additional contacts within Europe have already been established and are continuously being expanded and developed.

The natureplus e.V. Constitution

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Die Begründung für die Vergabe muss nicht mehr Bestandteil des Logos sein.


Die Fachtagung im schweizerischen Volketswil rückte die Rolle von natureplus in europaweiten Zertifizierungs- und Fördersystemen in den Fokus.


Die Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen (DGNB) hat ein Rahmenwerk für klimaneutrale Gebäude und Standorte entwickelt.


Die Jahreshauptversammlung des natureplus Vereins brachte viele einstimmige Entscheidungen.