Product Certification - Overview


How do you obtain the natureplus-Seal of Quality? You send an application for testing to the offices of natureplus e.V. and all necessary documentation will be sent to you.


On receipt of the completed documentation, the Association will start the pre-testing procedure. You will receive notification of whether your product is eligible for certification or not:


a) If it is not suitable the procedure will be terminated.

b) If it is suitable, you will receive an offer from the Association for the main testing procedure.


Once the Association has received your application for the main testing procedure, a visit to your production facilities will be arranged, test samples will be taken and subsequently product life-cycle analyses and various laboratory tests will be undertaken.

a) If your product did not fulfil the criteria, it is possible for you to apply again for the main testing procedure once those deficient areas/aspects have been optimised.

b) If your product fulfils the criteria, it will receive the natureplus-Seal of Quality from natureplus e.V.

In the Test Guidelines, as well as in the other sub-sections of the certification, you will be able to learn all about the procedure and the documentation required for certification.

» Product Assessment Guidelines (PDF)

Application Forms

Here you will receive all the documents required for the pre-testing procedure. Based upon the details provided about your product, a decision will be made within the pre-testing procedure as to whether your product could, in principle, be eligible for the natureplus-Seal of Quality certification. Along with your application for pre-testing you must provide a copy of the completed Data Capture Form. If the initial result of the pre-testing procedure is positive, you will receive an individual offer for the main testing procedure.

» Data Capture Form (DOCX)

Certification costs

Products are awarded the natureplus- Seal of Quality for a period of three years. For the duration of this period a proposal of costs will be produced that includes the following services:

  • Pre-testing procedure
  • Main testing procedure
    • LCA-Analyses
    • Production facilities testing
    • Laboratory tests
  • Certification
  • License

All prices are available in the pricelist which enables a transparent calculation of the costs. In general, the testing costs are dependent upon the product to be tested and the scope of the testing required as laid down in the issuance guidelines. Where multiple products of a common product line are to be tested, the testing costs per product are generally reduced significantly. Additionally, low-priced conformity testing is performed on an annual basis.

» Certification costs (PDF)

Certification Criteria

Every building product awarded the natureplus® eco-label must fulfil the requirements of the relevant product criteria.

In addition, the individual product guidelines may also state that the criteria contained in other guidelines must be also be fulfilled e.g. the Basic Guidelines etc.

In the case of products which are comprised of several system components e.g. thermal insulation composite systems, floor coverings on carrier boards, bricks/blocks with integrated insulation etc., the criteria contained within the product guidelines for the individual components shall also apply.

Suppliers of certified products must comply with the current legal requirements of their particular country in respect of the production, sales and usage of the products.

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Issuance Guidelines

The criteria and requirements for the award of the natureplus-Seal of Quality are laid down in the Issuance Guidelines. Every building product awarded the Quality must fulfil the basic criteria, the product group criteria and (if applicable) those of its product category.

In addition to the Issuance Guidelines, the participating laboratories must comply with natureplus’ specially developed procedures when testing products.