Advantages for Consumers

The natureplus-Seal of Quality provides you with security and peace of mind in your building product choices with respect to their affect on your health and the environment. Through your decision to choose a natureplus certified product, you are not only acting in a responsible manner towards yourself, your children and future generations but are above all fulfilling the dream of comfort and quality of life within your own home.

You can trust natureplus as all certified products have been tested by experienced scientists, whose independence and respectability is vouched for by all the participating environmental- and consumer organisations. You are also spared the often time-consuming and frustrating search for product information, such as the composition or the fulfilled standards and requirements, as this can be accessed directly from our website and is available on the products themselves. With our help you will be able to find competent traders, experienced product processors and building professionals as well as committed service personnel. The manufacturers of natureplus-certified products are also glad to provide you with any additional information you may require.

What do I have to do?

Find out more information about those products bearing the natureplus-Seal of Quality and next time you go shopping select the most suitable building or accommodation products.

Advantages for Manufacturers

The natureplus-Seal of Quality provides you with security and peace of mind in your product development and production with respect to their functionality, their affect on your and other’s health and the environment. You are thereby fulfilling your social responsibility towards a sustainable development in the interests of future generations.

Using natureplus positively supports your marketing and public-relations activities and improves the competitiveness of your sustainable product lines. natureplus offers you a competence gain at the international level, an image enhancement and important differentiating features over your conventional competitors. Certification reduces your liability to risk and damages claims (above all in the case of future claims - for example, the responsibility for waste disposal and possible prosecutions due to any harmful/health-damaging effects of your products, etc.). Using natureplus you reduce your transaction costs – these include the cost of collecting information on requirements and standards relating to quality/ limits and restrictions/ product and manufacturing regulations, for advertising, advisory services and sales.

The natureplus-Seal of quality provides you with a consistent, standardised marketing tool which has received top marks in independent tests. It also embodies a high level of objectivity and credibility that your customers can trust. As a natureplus-user you are guaranteed the support, motivation and specialist information of the interested parties within the specialist building target groups, which include the procurement sections of public sector and educational bodies.

Advantages for Suppliers

By taking natureplus as a selection criterion for your supply, you can profit from competent and qualified advice on the subjects of health-compatibility, functionality and environmental-friendliness. Your advisory and liability risks will be reduced and you will be fulfilling your social responsibility for the development of sustainability in the interests of future generations. As a natureplus-user you will considerably reduce your transaction costs in collecting information about the quality of products, which greatly assists you in your customer advisory services. You benefit from the unambiguity and exclusivity of the label’s message and also from its credibility which promotes trust among your customers.

As a natureplus-partner you will receive effective support through the natureplus customer guidance system in your marketing activities for sustainable, future-oriented building and accommodation products. You will also gain important distinguishing features and competence advantages. With the help of natureplus you can achieve a position in which your commitment and your sustainable, future-oriented products are fittingly appreciated and recognised by your customers.

Advantages for Service providers

By using natureplus-criteria you are promoting the development of ‘sustainability’ within the building sector, in line with the aims of the national and international political committees (protecting natural resources, reducing the effects of global warming, environmentally-friendly production, promoting accommodation-related health and the principle of regional markets).  Your level of specialist competence benefits from the co-operation with numerous environmental and consumer organisations and natureplus’s wide ranging multi-stakeholder approach, that covers the whole of the building sector value chain. As a natureplus-user you can call upon the expertise of experienced testing institutes and profit through your specialist competence from the independence and scientific backing of the natureplus safety limits and reference values. You profit from the vertical market penetration and the system related improvements of the competitiveness of sustainable product lines. As a natureplus-user you profit from the lobbying work and public relations effectivity of the natureplus-Quality Seal and benefit from the transparency of our internet presence.

Advantages for Planners and Processors

By using the natureplus-criteria in tendering texts and by using natureplus certified products in your special building projects, you profit from competent and qualified advice on the subjects of the health-compatibility, functionality and environmental-friendliness of the building and accommodation products you employ.

You are thereby displaying your responsibility towards your customers, your employees and future generations. You are fulfilling the sustainability aims of the political committees at national and international levels and improve your chances in winning contracts through the tendering process. You will reduce your transaction costs (costs in collecting information about products and developments) as well as your advisory costs and benefit from a measurable image gain.

As a natureplus-user you profit from the vertical market penetration and effective support in your marketing activities and your PR work from natureplus, which above all benefit innovative, medium-sized businesses. As a natureplus-user you can improve your competitive position through sustainable product lines, gain important distinguishing features and competence advantages. This leads to a position in which your commitment, competence and your services are more readily and fittingly appreciated and recognised by an increasing number of customers and consequently to increased revenues.

What do I have to do?

Become a Member of natureplus e.V. and benefit from advance information and the opportunities to further the development and growth of the product and service offerings of the Association. Use your specialist competence and get involved in the dissemination of sustainable building and accommodation products and make the use of certified products your priority. As a natureplus-partner you profit from special marketing and pre-market launch services and the networking advantages of the participating companies and organisations.