Become a Member

Become a Member of natureplus! As an active member of the association you automatically enjoy the right to vote which enables you to influence the direction of the association. The exact details for membership and the association’s organisation can be found in the constitution.

Yearly membership costs in between 200 and 2.000 Euros, depending on the number of employees. As a Sponsoring Member you are effectively contributing to help natureplus attain its goals. You are therefore making a tangible contribution to sustainable development within the area of building and accommodation. The amount you wish to donate is left up to you.

natureplus combines the interests of industry and traders with the concerns of health-, consumer- and environmental protection. Consequently, all interested groups are represented as members: Manufacturers, distributors, consumer- and environmental organisations, planners, advisors and users, Trades Unions as well as testing and standards institutions.

Membership Benefits:

  • Through involvement on the Associations committees you are able to influence the common goals of the organisation.
  •  Membership provides an image improvement as you are associated with the best in their class. 
  • You are the first to receive exclusive information and newsletters relating to natureplus. 
  • You can present your firm or organisation to a wide membership public. 
  • You profit from Europe-wide networking between all the member companies and organisations.

Download your membership form NOW:

» Membership Application (PDF)