Concept and aims

The International Association for Sustainable Building and Living - natureplus e.V.. has, through the issuance of a quality seal, set itself the aim of  promoting the use of those building and accommodation products which incorporate the highest levels of sustainability, in economic and social terms. natureplus is thereby making a contribution to the development of a culture of sustainable building in Europe.

By means of its product evaluations, natureplus offers a comprehensive approach which encompasses all the important elements of sustainability – ecological, economic and social aspects. natureplus also helps sustainable and future-oriented building products to achieve higher market shares through targeted marketing activities.

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Scientific and technical aims

Natureplus’s primary scientific goal is the development of objective criteria for the definition of sustainability and high levels of environmental and health-related quality for all types of products in the areas of building and accommodation. This is achieved in a participative process which includes and takes into account all interested groups and the complete value chain. 

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Economic aims

From an economic point of view, it is natureplus’s aim to increase the economic strength and competitiveness of innovative, sustainability-oriented industries through a reduction in their transaction costs.

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International aims

natureplus is following the aims of the European Community in promoting sustainable development, an integrated product policy and the inclusion of the social actors in environmental politics. natureplus is currently active in six European Union countries and Switzerland. In the future, European expansion will have an even higher priority.

Corporate Image

natureplus is currently the most comprehensive, innovative and forward-looking quality seal for building and accommodation products. It is increasingly taking on the role as a driving force towards a culture of sustainable building. Thanks to its broad support base, transparency, democratic consensus and it’s scientifically supported work, the name natureplus stands for absolute credibility. As a focus for attention it can help sustainable products to raise their profile above the level of niche products and make them more accessible to the mass market.  The label’s demanding requirements can contribute to a step by step raising of the quality standards of building and accommodation products in Europe.

natureplus ensures the incorporation of the mega-trends of health, Wellness und sustainability into the area of operational activity, because the future belongs to sustainable building and accommodation. A very large and growing proportion of people can be reached through the themes of health and sustainability. Using the correct communications strategy, it is our aim to enthuse new target groups for the subject of sustainable building, restoration, renovation and modernisation.

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