BauZ! Vienna Congress on Sustainable Building

International Congress 24 to 25 March 2021, subsequent to "Future of Building". Congress languages: German and English (simultaneous interpretation provided)

BauZ! will be held as an virtual event! We prepare for two days of intense information and discussion in the plenary, well-earned breaks for recreation (without any programme), workshops to listen and to take part in the talks, and opportunities to get into short video conversations with our “virtual exhibitors”.

BauZ! 2021 – In the neighborhood

The corona pandemic has brought several years of economic boom in the construction industry to a sudden halt. Over the same period, digitization and greening/climate protection have been declared matters of development at EU level (European Green Deal) and by the Austrian Federal government.

BauZ! 2021, the 18th Vienna Congress for Sustainable Building, is accompanying the industry’s fresh start in 2021. Subsequent to the Advantage Austria B2B matchmaking event “Future of Building”, on two days, forward-looking solutions and concepts will be presented and discussions with a domestic and international audience will be held.

The BauZ! Congress is a cooperation by the IBO (Austrian natureplus representative "Österreichisches Institut für Bauen und Ökologie") with universities (Vienna Technical University, the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Danube University Krems), UAS (Technikum UAS), non-university research establishments (ACR, Austrian Cooperative Research), the Foreign Trade Office of the Federal Economic Chamber (Future of Building), economic agencies of the Federal provinces (ecoplus Lower Austria, Vienna Business Agency) as well as Business Finland.

1. Livable neighborhoods

What is a neighborhood? It is the area that you can cover on foot, in which you will – in the corresponding range of movement – hopefully find a stop of a means of transport running frequently. Such an area is home to several thousands up to several ten thousands of inhabitants and is referred to as a “Grätzl” in Vienna. Neighborhoods i.e. arrangements of buildings with public and private space in between which is the space that is actually constituted by what is designated as city, housing estate or locality. Neighborhoods live up to the requirements of their inhabitants if they enable you to get outdoors upon leaving the house but at the same time to enter the urban space and to mingle with people.

2. Plus-energy neighborhoods

Climate-conscious neighborhoods are plus-energy neighborhoods. By 2025, the EU intends to have implemented at minimum 100 plus-energy neighborhoods (Positive Energy Districts). Climate-conscious neighborhoods are CO2-neutral neighborhoods. Plus-energy neighborhoods conduct integrated energy management coupling the sectors of electricity, heat (or cold) supply, traffic and industry. This means that neighborhoods will be provided with a new infrastructure of energy generation, storage and demand-based distribution between buildings. 

3. Low-tech principles and choice of materials for new construction and refurbishment in the neighborhood

Climate-conscious, CO2-neutral and energy-flexible buildings are constructed and operated according to low-tech principles. This means that straightforward solutions are sought after. Thermal capacities exhibited by a building’s envelope and an architecture using natural lighting and potentials for natural ventilation reduce the air conditioning and ventilation effort. The share of the built cubature (claimed for wiring, piping, air ducts and building technology power units) that is lost to actual use goes down. Similarly, there will be less effort for the construction and maintenance of such plants and also less energy expended for operation.

Target groups and objective

BauZ is a networking event for the industry. Target group: architects, planners, engineering companies, chartered engineers, technical consultants, universities and universities of applied sciences, ministries, authorities, external state agencies, civil-society NGOs, bodies representing the interests of the industrial sector, manufacturers of construction products, building components, building engineering systems, facility management. BauZ! is a specialist congress providing technical solutions that have already proven their worth or that are just becoming available.

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