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Building materials - classics and newcomers

With the natureplus web seminar series "Building Materials of the Future" we take a look at the building materials of tomorrow. Building materials of the future must provide a holistic answer to the question of sustainability: they should be durable, produced with the least possible use of energy and raw materials, reusable or recyclable to a high standard, and free of harmful substances.

In this forum, our cooperation partners and sponsors introduce themselves.




Quality-assured secondary building materials are equivalent to primary building materials and can be used like unused building materials (VOB/C).

QUBA GmbH is a joint project of the Bundesverband Sekundärrohstoffe und Entsorgung e.V. (Federal Association for Secondary Raw Materials and Waste Disposal). (bvse), the German Demolition Association e.V. (DA) and the Central Association of the German Construction Industry e.V. (ZDB). It guarantees the conformity of the secondary building materials produced with the applicable building and environmental regulations and ensures proper and harmless recycling within the meaning of the Closed Substance Cycle Waste Management Act (§ 7 KrWG).

Quality-assured secondary building materials can substitute primary building materials in many areas of application.

Your contact person:

Thomas Fischer
Geschäftsführer QUBA
Tel.: +49 228 98849 - 43

Quality assurance



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