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Special Offer for the web seminar series "Building materials of the future" - Get 2 Buy 1

Book your tickets for the last two web seminars and get a 50% dicsount.

Wood, bricks, clay and bamboo - these were the focus topics of the past web seminars of the series "Building materials of the future" reflecting on how versatile and innovative tomorrow's building materials can be. The upcoming two web seminars will add to this list and introduce fascinating newcomers you may not have on your radar yet:

18 June: Sekundäre Baustoffe - Die Zukunft des Bauens? (German)
08 July: Who would have thought this? - Surprising building materials. (English)

*In additon to previous discounts, you can now book your tickets for these last two webinars with a "Get 2 Buy 1" special discount!
It is of course also still possible to book both web seminars individually.

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